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Finding Insights in an Unpredictable World

Once Upon a Time in a Fortress on an Island…

Once Upon a Time in a Fortress on an Island…

We do not yet know where this particular fairytale beginning will take us. What we do know is that like most fairytales ours contains towers and dungeons, secret passages, interesting characters, and a touch of magic – in spirit, vision and place. And as a start, that’s more than enough to get us excited!

The vision of a grand meeting at the Carlsten fortress on the island of Marstrand in Sweden originates with Christina Östergren, CEO of the architectural firm Archidea, and later on, founder of IntersectionPoint – a non-governmental organization formed to promote the idea of cross-sectoral cooperation for the achievement of sustainable development.

Having read the The Medici Effect, Christina quickly contacted Frans Johansson, CEO of The Medici Group, to present her idea, and before we knew it, The Medici Group was involved in numerous activities, together with IntersectionPoint, all of which focused on regional sustainable development in western Sweden.

The even grander vision, however, is that of an annually reoccurring gathering of people from all fields and disciplines, and from all over the world, meeting and innovating together in the inspiring and unique environment of Marstrand – rich in both history and beauty.

We saw all kinds of potential with this concept, and found it extremely attractive and exciting to pursue. Unlike many other world summits, where the elite gathers yet again to discuss, this meeting could be about working actively together to find solutions to specific challenges – a Davos-like event, if you will, but also very fundamentally different. Be gone all forms of passivity. Enter IntersectionPoint – World Innovation Challenge, where we roll up our sleeves and get to work, where no one is exclusively a passive listener or appointed speaker, but instead where everyone actively participates with his or her perspective and where sharing of new insights can truly take place.

As this is our first year arranging the event, the meeting will not yet be open to an international audience, but will instead be a Swedish affair, held in Swedish, and focusing on challenges facing Sweden as a country. Among the participants we can count a Senior Vice President from Volvo, the CEO of one of Sweden’s major women’s lingerie label and stores, a Director from one of the leading European players in the wind power industry, and one of the most famous Swedish heavy metal electric bass players.

We are inviting the participants to “Step into the intersection” (“Kliv in i Skärningspunkten” in Swedish). By doing so, the diversity of the participants will be harnessed by each and everyone in the room to tackle a number of problems under the 2013 theme, which will be the intersections of  “cities-culture-climate”. What will they all learn from each other? Tons, we are sure.

In the process we are also convinced that the participants will form new and lasting bonds that will strengthen cooperation in their future professional and private lives.

Does this sound like extremely useful, AND FUN? (we should add that we have never believed that these two stand in opposition to each other) Then keep a look-out! In 2014 we’re planning to scale up the event and make it the international summit it is meant to be. Let us know if YOU would like to be invited then to step into the Intersection……

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