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Finding Insights in an Unpredictable World


I am very excited to introduce our new website and, as part of that, our new blog. The past couple of years have been a whirlwind in almost every way imaginable as the company I founded based on the ideas in my book The Medici Effect has grown in dramatic and unexpected ways. I have also spent the past year and half working on my new book. It is now done and will launch in the early fall. You will hear a lot about it as I think it has a real shot at changing the way most people think about creating success.  The book is called The Click Moment and it suggests that success is far more a function of serendipity, randomness and luck that we usually believe – but that there are ways to harness this randomness in our favor. Why the title? Here is what I say in the Introduction about people or organizations that have met success:

They experienced a serendipitous encounter, an unexpected moment of insight, or an unplanned culmination of events. There was one instant when fate turned their way, a moment they can look back at and say, that was when it started. We all have these click moments, as I call them, and it is rather remarkable that we don’t give them more of our attention, because they can change our lives.


So that’s why. And the book is about to give these moments far more attention than they have ever received. That’s true for this blog as well. Now, that it is written, the basic idea seems very clear to me – but wasn’t the case when I started. Part of the purpose of this blog is to reveal the journey this author took in working his way through the development of a provocative, new concept. In doing so I will share not just my own musings, but also stories that never made it into the book and tons of interviews with people, well-known and otherwise, on how serendipity and random moments changed their careers and their organizations – and even entire nations in certain cases. We will meet entrepreneurs, CEOs, artists, writers, former heads-of-state and on and on.

I think it will be a lot of fun. Welcome!